Tea Catering

Delight your guests with an immersive tea experience. Our tea catering service presents a diverse range of aromatic brews, from classic Earl Grey to exotic blends. Whether you prefer green, black, or herbal, our expertly curated selections are designed to suit every palate, making your event a memorable tea journey.

Latte Catering


Elevate your event’s ambiance with the allure of handcrafted lattes. Our latte catering service combines the creamy goodness of steamed milk with rich, flavorful espresso. Each latte is meticulously crafted to offer a velvety texture and a taste that resonates. It’s more than a drink; it’s an experience to relish.

Espresso Catering


Introduce a dynamic buzz to your gathering with our espresso catering service. Our trained baristas utilize top-notch beans, ensuring each shot captures the essence of the bean’s rich flavors. Perfect for those seeking a bold, concentrated coffee kick, our service promises an authentic Italian espresso experience.

Cold Brew Catering

cold brew

Refresh and rejuvenate your attendees with our premium cold brew catering. Using a meticulous slow-steeping process, our cold brews embody a smooth, full-bodied flavor profile. Ideal for warm events or those seeking a less acidic coffee option, it’s the pinnacle of refreshing caffeinated beverages.

Barista for Hire

Transform your venue into a bustling coffeehouse with our barista for hire service. Our seasoned baristas not only bring their coffee crafting expertise but also exude warmth and personalized service. They engage, educate, and ensure every guest enjoys a beverage crafted to their liking, making each sip memorable.

Cappuccino Catering


Whisk your guests away to an Italian piazza with our cappuccino catering. Each cup boasts a harmonious blend of aromatic espresso and frothy milk, crowned with a delicate cocoa sprinkle. This is not just a drink but an art form, promising to add a touch of European sophistication to your event.

Iced Coffee Catering

iced coffee

Escape the heat and dive into a cool coffee oasis with our iced coffee catering. Expertly brewed and chilled, each serving offers a balanced taste of coffee’s invigorating essence. Tailored to individual preferences, whether sweetened, milked, or black, it promises a refreshing escape from the ordinary.

Hot Chocolate Catering

hot chocolate

Engulf your event in a cocoon of warmth and indulgence with our hot chocolate catering. Crafted from premium cocoa, each mug is a rich symphony of flavors. Topped with marshmallows or whipped cream, it’s the ultimate comfort beverage, perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to any gathering.

Welcome to Coffee Catering Las Vegas, where we blend the art of coffee with the spirit of your events to create unforgettable experiences. Nestled in the heart of a city known for its vibrant energy and unparalleled hospitality, our services cater to every coffee need imaginable. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, Coffee Catering Las Vegas is dedicated to providing bespoke coffee solutions that elevate any occasion. With a focus on quality, versatility, and exceptional service, we ensure that your event stands out for all the right reasons.

Our Services Include:

  • Coffee Bar for Events: Transform your event with a fully serviced coffee bar, offering a wide selection of coffee drinks crafted by professional baristas. Perfect for weddings, corporate events, and private parties, our coffee bars add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

  • Coffee Bar Wedding Catering: Specializing in weddings, we provide a romantic and inviting coffee bar experience for your guests. Our wedding coffee catering service is designed to complement your special day with custom coffee creations that celebrate your union.

  • Coffee Cart Catering Near Me: Our mobile coffee cart brings the café experience directly to your location in Las Vegas. Equipped with everything needed to serve high-quality coffee, our carts are a hit at corporate gatherings, community events, and private celebrations.

  • Coffee Bar Rental for Weddings: Enhance your wedding with our coffee bar rental service. Offering a range of coffee selections and personalized options, it’s the perfect addition to your reception, providing guests with a unique and enjoyable coffee experience.

  • Cappuccino Catering: Elevate your event with our cappuccino catering service, featuring rich, creamy cappuccinos that are sure to impress. Ideal for adding a luxurious coffee option to any event.

  • Mobile Coffee Cart: For ultimate flexibility and convenience, our mobile coffee cart can be set up at virtually any location. It’s a fantastic way to offer guests premium coffee drinks, tailored to their preferences, at any event across Las Vegas.

  • Hot Chocolate Cart Rental: Perfect for adding warmth to cooler evenings or simply offering a comforting alternative, our hot chocolate cart serves up rich, decadent hot chocolate, complete with all the fixings.

At Coffee Catering Las Vegas, we are committed to making your event a memorable one with our comprehensive coffee catering services. Our dedication to quality, attention to detail, and passion for coffee ensure that we deliver only the best for your guests. Let us bring the essence of Las Vegas’ coffee culture to your next event, creating moments that are as rich and memorable as our coffee.